Manage Time With Google Calendar

Are you taking advantage of Google Calendar? With Google Calendar you can manage your time by planning and scheduling events and even share your calendar so that everyone has the same agenda. Google Calendar also allows you set a text or email notification to remind you hours, days, or even weeks before your event. Built-in calendar synchronization is available for Android and iOS so your calendar fits in your pocket.

Creating Events in Google Calendar

The easiest way to add an event is using the Quick Add feature. To use this feature visit Google Calendar and click on the arrow next to “Create”. Enter in your event along with the time and Google Calendar will automatically create your event. This can be as simple as “Lunch at 12″ or as detailed as”Group Meeting in Conference Room on Monday 9am”.

If you would like to learn more check out these two site!

Google Calendar Help Center
Google Calendar Video Training 

Inactive Accounts May be Deleted

Aloha Ohana! is committed to a safer and more secure internet for everyone. Part of that commitment is preventing spam and other unauthorized uses of accounts.

We will be proactively suspending any account that has not been used for over a year. If your account is disabled or suspended you can call us at 545-LAVA to have it reactivated, you will not lose any of your emails or data.

Mahalo for your patience while we help make the internet a better place for everyone and please check out the video below for some email safety tips!


How to Know if an Email is Real

Unlimited Document Storage & Collaboration

Aloha Customers!

Did you know that in addition to your email storage, you have unlimited cloud storage for your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations? Using Google Drive gives you powerful editing tools while ensuring that your files are always backed up. It’s easy to share files and multiple people can collaborate on a single document or spreadsheet at the same time.


What is Google Drive?

Google Drive puts your word processor, worksheet application, and slide maker in the cloud. Have instant access to your files and the tools to edit them from any computer with internet access and find exactly what you need with Drive’s built in search function.


Using Microsoft Office? It’s easy to switch!

You can easily convert all your Word and Excel files to take advantage of your unlimited Drive storage. All you need to do is sign in to your account and visit From there you can upload files to be converted or create a new document to share without worrying about space. Files that are converted in Google Drive will not take up space on your account. This means you can have unlimited documents, sheets, and slides stored on your account.


No hassle sharing!

No more emailing files back and forth or forgetting your USB drive! Easily control who can view or edit files with powerful sharing controls. Multiple editors are handled with ease because you can see all changes in real time. Plus with apps for Android and iOS your files will always be with you.


We hope that you will take advantage of the space! Mahalo from the team!


Click here to access your Drive – 30GB Storage & 2 Factor Authentication – 30GB Storage & 2 Factor Authentication coming May 1, 2015

This affects all email users in 7 months (May 1, 2015). Customers –

Thank you for your continued support since 1994. We are proud to be Hawaii’s oldest ISP.

We strive to bring you the latest and most secure online experience.

In Feb 2011, partnered with Google to move users into the Googleplex as Google Apps Partner Edition accounts. Giving users features which would be impossible for any email provider to match. Companies are still struggling to match the features of Google, Microsoft 365 with office can cost as much as $22 / month per user directly from Microsoft (no local tech support).

In 2015, Google will be replacing the Google Apps Partner Edition with Google Apps for Business/Work. This change will result in a price increase of $4 per mailbox for all Google App Partners. LavaNet will simply pass on this price increase of $4 per month per mailbox which means each mailbox will now be $9/month. The only exception to this pricing is If you have DSL/T1 internet or business VoIP (telephone) services with us, then additional mailboxes will be $5 per month.

We believe this is the best product on the market and will be sticking with Google Apps. Many users make use of multiple systems in the Google Apps environment. We will continue to blog different features of the Google Apps experience so you can maximize your use of Google Apps.

On May 1, 2015 several new features will be enabled:
30 GB storage (from 15GB)
2 Factor / Step Authentication

One huge feature Google Apps Partner Edition misses is 2 Factor / Step Authentication. We believe this is a necessity with any online account, especially how much important data your email holds.

What is 2 Factor / Step Authentication :

What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in. When you have to enter only your username and one password, that’s considered a single-factor authentication. 2FA requires the user to have two out of three types of credentials before being able to access an account. The three types are:
Something you know, such as a Personal Identification Number (PIN), password, or a pattern
Something you have, such as an ATM card, phone, or fob
Something you are, such as a biometric like a fingerprint or voice print

Product line up will look the the attached :

AlohaTone Voice over IP, DSL , Dialup, Tri-net Solutions T1 customers will get an account free. Additional accounts will cost $5/ month.

Email only pricing will be $9 / month.

We are offering custom domains for those who would like to control their usernames Please see the attached flyer and email.

Our family of companies is here to support you:

Aloha Tone – Voice Over IP done right. Our cloud based infrastructure is geographically diverse (13 Data Centers) – allow our platform to be resilient and scalable, ensuring you always have the best VoIP Service. Our per client dedicated architecture allows for advanced features and security.

Tri-net Solutions – Private high bandwidth, low latency bandwidth with a Service Level Agreement and ability to do Quality of Service – perfect for fixing VoIP issues using best effort internet.

Keep Your ISP Honest – Managed and monitored firewall services on any internet connection. Perfect for quickly pin pointing VoIP issues when using best effort internet. Also great to know if you are getting the bandwidth you think you are paying for.

AlohaDNS – Using our DNS Servers you can stop your office from visiting unwanted domains (Facebook for example). You also get a nightly report on which domains your office visited during that day.

Call us if you have any questions : 545-5282 (LAVA)

Or email us @

We thank you for your continued support and patronage!


     Lavanet EMAIL FLYER



Walk through for 2 Factor Authentication :


iOS device setup – iPhone, iPad, iPod…

iOS device setup

Another advantage to LavaNet accounts being Google Apps accounts is that it is quick and easy to add your LavaNet account to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch).

Use your full email and password when adding the account on your iPhone.

Doing this will allow syncing of Email , Contacts , Calendars.

Launch Settings from your Home screen.
1. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
2. Tap Add Account…
3. Tap Gmail/Google
4. Enter your name, Full LavaNet email address (including the, password for LavaNet, and a descriptive name (for example LavaNet so you can identify it later).
5. Select which services you want to leave on for sync, Mail, Calendars, and Notes.
6. Tap Save.


Or you can use the Gmail app on iphone.

iPhone Gmail App review / tutorials :

Options :

Gmail Passwords Leaked


On Tuesday a list of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords were posted on the internet.  The passwords and email addresses released appear to have been obtained from various websites where users have signed up with their Gmail address.  While many security experts who have analyzed the list say that the passwords are very old passwords or passwords not obtained from Google directly it is another reminder that is it always a good idea to use strong and unique passwords on different sites. If your account information is compromised in one place there will be no access to other accounts with the same information.

Even though LavaNet email is hosted by Google none of your LavaNet email addresses and passwords are a part of this leak.  It is also another reason that 2 step verification is needed and we are working to bring it to our LavaNet customers soon.  2 step verification requires a second code to be obtained from an app on your smartphone or by sms message.  This will add another layer of security when logging into your account on a new device.

Below is a link to website that will check your gmail address against the list that was released.  It is always a good idea to periodically change your passwords.

*Note: The site has been slow because traffic is heavy.  It does work but you may need to refresh and wait a little bit*

Is leaked

A good way to check where your Gmail or LavaNet account has been used it to login that account and then check “last account activity” by clicking the link below.  Last account activity shows the last times your account was accessed, the IP address it was accessed from, the time and date, and it does also show a location but the location is not always accurate.  There is also a direct link to change your password on this page.

Another option while viewing your Gmail or LavaNet inbox via the web interface is the account “details” link.  If you scroll to the bottom of you inbox on the right there will be a “details” link.  Clicking this link will open a window with similar information to the “last account activity” link above but in addition there is a button that will “sign out all other sessions”.  If you see activity you don’t recognize or are unsure of you can use this button to close any other sessions using your account.  After signing out all other sessions it would be a good idea to change your account password.


As a closing message from your LavaNet support team please protect your account details.

Google Apps Tools

In addition to Google Drive and Google Apps included with your LavaNet email account these videos will show you additional features available to make your LavaNet email address even more flexible.

You can use your LavaNet email address instead of having to juggle multiple email addresses for mailing lists, newsletters, and other promotional offers.  By following the examples in the 1st video below you can create unique receiving addresses and filters to sort messages for your LavaNet email address.  This allows you to sign up and not worry about your inbox being overwhelmed with messages you’re not always interested in.

This video introduces Labs.  These are additional features you can enable that can help you to better manage your email.  Two of the Labs discussed in the video are Canned Responses and Undo Send.  Canned Responses allows you to save and repetitively send common responses or messages.  Undo Send will give you a few seconds to reconsider if you mistakenly pushed send to soon.  Another useful lab is Mark Read.  This Lab adds a button at the top so that you can select messages and mark them read with one click of a button.



We hope that these features will help you to manage your email easier and quicker.  Thank you for using LavaNet.

Microsoft pulls August 2nd Update for Windows


Microsoft has been regularly releasing patches and updates on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday of each month.   These patches address security, bug fixes, and sometimes include feature upgrades.  However this month Microsoft has had to pull back their August 12, 2014 update.  4 individual updates that were part of the package have been causing some users to have issues restarting and causing system crashes.  Microsoft has pulled the updates and recommends uninstalling them.

These updates affect Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, and Server 2008 and 2012 editions

Details on the issues, fixes, and tools to assist in identifying if these updates are already installed can be found in the articles below from PC World and ZD Net

The PC World article identifies problems with fonts being incorrectly loaded and how to fix this issue manually.

The ZD Net article has a link to a series of PowerShell scripts that can help determine if any of the problem updates are already installed.

Separately Microsoft has also issued a hotfix for versions 7 through 11 of Internet Explorer. This patch solves problems with the browser slowing down or becoming unresponsive.

Keeping updates current is good but having an available system restore point or backup to revert to is better.  And will give you more options in case updates need to be rolled back.

Drinking Water FAQs During Emergencies



  1. How do I know if my water is safe during a storm, prolonged power outage, etc?  Monitor your TV, radio and computer for up to date information and advisories being broadcasted by the local County and State civil defense agencies.  These agencies are disseminating information from police, fire, Department of Health (DOH), Department of Education (DOE), bus and transportation officials, utilities like HECO, Board of Water Supply, etc on a regular basis.  The DOH can also contact the water supply agencies to pass on reports of storm related problems such as main breaks, discolored water, odors or loss in water pressure.


  1. How do I chlorinate my tap water to store during an emergency?  Add between 1-8 drops of new, unscented liquid bleach with a strength of 5-6% (like Clorox) to each gallon of water.  Fill a clean container, add the chlorine and let the water stand for at least 30 minutes before using.  One drop per gallon produces a chlorine residual of approximately 0.7 ppm (parts per million), which is strong enough for storage of normal tap water in a clean container for the short duration after an outage.  If you feel that the quality of your water supply may be compromised (see next question), then add more drops of chlorine to maintain a slight chlorine odor 30 minutes after mixing.  Water that cannot maintain a chlorine odor should not be used.


  1. What if my tap water or water source is cloudy, colored or has visible particulate matter in it?  Do not drink this water if there is an alternative, cleaner source.  If this water must be used, let the water stand until the heavier solids settle out.  Pour the water through a clean cloth filter into another clean container.  Chemically disinfect by adding 1-8 drops of new, unscented liquid bleach with a strength of 5-6% (like Clorox) or boil the water for a minimum of 1 minute at roiling boil (up to 3 minutes) for safer use.


  1. Can I boil my water to make it drinkable too?  Yes, bring your water to a roiling boil for a minimum of 1 minute, cool down and store in a sterilized/disinfected container.  Note that this primarily improves bacteriological water quality.  The boiling may in fact concentrate minerals, salts and metals – which should not pose a public health threat for short term use.


  1. Can I store it in a container?  Yes, but use clean containers that have no food or chemical odors.  Do not use containers used to store household or garden chemicals!  If you do not know what was in the container previously, don’t use it.  2-liter soda bottles have been cited as good for temporary storage of emergency water supplies.  Wash the bottles with soap, and sterilize or chemically disinfect the container before use by adding 1 teaspoon of unscented liquid household bleach to 1 quart of water, mix so the water touches all surfaces, (see links below), rinse thoroughly, fill with clean drinking water and cap tightly.  Store in a cool, dark place.


  1. How about a bath tub?  Do not use a bath tub as a source of drinking water.  Bath tubs are difficult to seal off from contamination because of their size and shape, and have soap films on the surface that can harbor bacteria and therefore are nearly impossible to sterilize.  A toilet is usually located in the same enclosed room which exposes the tub water to aerosols from every flush.  Water stored in a bath tub be used as a source of water for sanitary purposes, e.g. toilet flushing water.


  1. How do I call the County water supply to let them know of a water system break or problem? (you may also be referred to their Customer Service line)
  2. Kauai Department of Water:                       245-5444
  3. Honolulu Board of Water Supply:               748-5000
  4. Maui Department of Water Supply:           270-7633
  5. Hawaii Department of Water Supply:        961-8790


  1. Can you send me an emergency link?
  2. State Department of Health (storing/preparing water containers): and
  3. US EPA:
  4. Hawaii State Civil Defense:
  5. Oahu:
  6. Maui:


If someone wants to dilute to their own concentration of chlorine, they can use the following conversions:

1 gallon = 128 fluid oz

1 fluid oz = approx. 600 drops

5.25% unscented Chlorox = 52,500 ppm chlorine (may be significantly less if old bottle stored in heat or sunlight)


Therefore, chlorine concentration in ppm = number of drops x 0.7.  Note that this concentration may be significantly less if the Chlorox was old or was improperly stored.


Also if you are still in need of drinking water.  Aloha Water and Menehune Water Company have said they have bottled water available for sale at their locations in Halawa Valley.