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Forward your

If you already have your new mailbox setup. You can forward your email address here.
Forward Emails Here

Migration Tools

Download all your information
Migrate old mail and folders
  • You will keep your email address.
  • is financially sound and is NOT closing.

We’ve posted this on our blog to verify this email is not spam:

Step 1: 

Create a new email account. We recommend because all services will migrate.

If you would like a custom domain so you have full control of the future we can help. Let us know by emailing and your desired domain name. Customers with DSL , VoIP or T1 we charge $5 / month per account.

Step 2: 

Forward new emails to your new Mailbox.

After forwarding has been completed,  you will no longer have to check your mailbox because all new mail will be automatically forwarded to your new mailbox. You will receive mail for your email address.

Step 3 :

Migrate your information to your new account.
Google take out allows for all data generated as a Google Apps for ISP Edition user to be downloaded.

Here is a Tutorial how to use Take Out:

This is an easy way to download and upload to your new account:
YouTube Videos
*Google+ data will be downloaded but there is no import tool currently.

To copy old emails over to your new or or account, add your account as a POP3 account on your new account and old emails will by downloaded. Remember to enable POP3 for ALL mail : POP3 Setup

If you want folders / labels to migrate over you will have to use an IMAP program or a service:

1. Free : use thunderbird (add both and accounts as IMAP). Then drag and drop the folders from your account to your @gmail.account.

2. $12 one-time : There are several online companies that will move your information for you, but we have tested bit titan:
Demo :

We can offer time and material support for migrations or consulting. We charge $150 / hour , migrations take 1-2 hours.